What is Star Rating?

Mostly the Star rating system is used for hotels rating and also to measure the energy efficiency of electronic home appliances like AC, Refrigerators etc. But here we list the reviewer ranking products or services based on his/her own buying experience. In this scenario, the term Star rating plays a very significant role to rate products or services based on product quality and Service satisfaction provided by an individual or an Organization respectively. Consumers preferably shopping online are now promptly looking for Star ratings and reviews, prior to making their purchasing decisions.

How Star Rating are helpful

We are sure you may have also recommended products and services online in the form of Star Rating where 5 Star stands for the Best and follows in descending orders like 4 Star, 3 Star till 1 Star.


The hierarchy in the Stars rating system catches the user’s attention and helps to understand in one glimpse which product is better, isn’t. This initiates further interaction in the form of reading the review, YouTube videos and so on.

Advantage: It’s human psychology to always prefer something which has some kind of social proof. It is also the technology benefit for us where we don’t have to be ignorant or just believe in the brand or try first then know. Now we can learn from social suggestions. But that’s not the final option to just believe in Ratings and reviews, in fact, it makes our 90% doubts clear and finally it is our choice to make the final purchase decision.

This is one of the biggest advantages while purchasing online because it generates trust.

Disadvantage: Sometimes the Star rating for example 5 Star may not be the logically correct rating but referring to Reviews is always helpful.

Here at 4StarRating.com – We understand the value of Star Rating and have listed the various categories of products and services (coming soon) to help you choose and suggest only the 4 Star rating and above products selling online.

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